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Version History

Version History for v2.26

v2.26.2 – February 7, 2022

Bug fixes:

  • FreeMeter and FreeMeter Professional:
    • The text under the meter graphs was always the shortest/narrowest version, not the longest that would fit. (This bug was introduced in v2.26.1.)

v2.26.1 – February 3, 2022

Bug fixes:

  • FreeMeter and FreeMeter Professional:
    • Fix issue with task bar icon always appearing on Windows 2008.
    • Fix bugs when launching in hidden state.
    • Network meter's friendly name was not immediately shown in the meter after being changed.

v2.26.0 – January 16, 2022


  • FreeMeter and FreeMeter Professional:
    • The disk and network meters can now be staked bar graphs with write on top and read on bottom.
    • If a drive became unavailable, its tray icon would disappear from the system tray. Now an icon with a red X will appear.
    • Moved the option to include average information in meter text from the "Meter Preferences" tab of the Preferences' dialog to the CPU meter's properties dialog since it was the only meter using it.
    • Volume Display Preferences tab now uses local settings for thousands and decimal point characters.
    • Support links now take you directly to the contact web page and prepopulate the form fields.
  • FreeMeter Professional:
    • The Volume Space, Uptime, and text Memory meters now obey the meter text alignment preference.

Bug fixes:

  • FreeMeter and FreeMeter Professional:
    • On touch screens, touch-and-hold will now be recognized as a right-click.
    • Reduced the flicker when hiding/unhiding a meter.
    • Eliminated the flickering of the Volume Space meter while the FreeMeter window is being resized.
    • Might have fixed a random crash when resuming from sleep or hibernation on Windows 8 and later. I know this crash happens, but I cannot make it happen when I want it to, so I cannot be certain that I have fixed it.
    • When adding or removing a volume from the Volume Space meter, the maximum number of volumes to display in the meter would not be adjusted properly.
    • The hide/unhide button in some meters would initially have the wrong bitmap. (This bug was introduced in v2.25.1.)
    • Window screen docking position would not always be restored.