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Version History

Version History for v2.29

v2.29.0 – July 31, 2022


  • FreeMeter and FreeMeter Professional:
    • The Uptime meter is now the Uptime/Runtime meter. Along with system uptime, it can also display the amount of time FreeMeter has been running and the amount of time the system has been in a sleep state. The display of these new times can be turned on/off in the meter's properties. The OS does not keep track of sleep time, so FreeMeter has to track it itself, which means that sleep time can only be track while FreeMeter is running. If you quit FreeMeter, total sleep time will reset back to zero.
    • Remove references to Windows versions when selecting tray icon color. Now the choices are just “Black” and “White”.
    • Volume meter tray icons now have white and black styles like the other meter tray icons.
    • Changed the Virtual Memory tray icon from “PAG” to “VRT”.
    • Miscellaneous tweaks here and there.
    • Non-Pro version now lists all Professional meters on the Meters tab of the Preferences' dialog so people know what additional meters they can get with the Professional version.

Bug fixes:

  • FreeMeter and FreeMeter Professional:
    • One of the white page file tray icons was black, not white.