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Version History

Version History for v2.32

v2.32.0 – October 14, 2023


  • FreeMeter and FreeMeter Professional:
    • Text under the Disk and Network meters is now drawn in a way where the numbers won't keep jumping around when the number gets longer or shorter.
  • FreeMeter Professional:
    • Ping meter: Add option to play the alert sound again when all hosts return to the UP state.
    • Change network meter Total numbers to use units appropriate to the size of the individual number rather than all using the same units.

Bug fixes:

  • FreeMeter and FreeMeter Professional:
    • Fixed a few tray icon problems with turning OFF tray icons. For example: if you turned OFF all tray icons, the default application icon would not appear in their place until you re-launched FreeMeter; turning ON an icon you just turned OFF would not work.
    • Disk and network meter tray icons were not always showing the correct level.
    • Hiding/unhiding a meter and toggling a meter's tray icon would not immediately save the new setting. It would not be saved until FreeMeter exited.
  • FreeMeter Professional:
    • Text under meters was not obeying the text alignment set in Preferences.