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Version History

Version History for v2.33

v2.33.0 – May 4, 2024 – CURRENT RELEASE


  • FreeMeter and FreeMeter Professional:
    • Changed tint of red and yellow colors in tray icons.
    • Changed the "R" in "VRT" in virtual memory meter tray icons so that it looks less like an "A".
    • Reordered tabs in the Preferences dialog.
    • The tool tip text for volume space tray icons now includes the amount of free or used space.
    • Decreased minimum meter height from 90 pixels to 80.
    • A meter's tray icon can now be set to hide when the meter is hidden. This option is set on the General tab in the meter's Properties.
  • FreeMeter Professional:
    • Added option for showing traffic average at the bottom of Network meters.
    • Added tray icon support the for Combined Memory meter.
    • Threads meter now shows "K" instead of "000" - like the Handles meter does.
    • The Ping meter now has the option of a tray icon. The icon will be green when all hosts are up, flashing yellow when at least one host is in a warning state, and flashing red when at least one host is down.
    • Improved hot key activation. FreeMeter will now warn you if it is unable to set the hot key because it is already in use by something else. When selecting a hot key, you can now test to see if it is already in use. Previously, pressing the hot key combination would only unhide FreeMeter, now it also brings the FreeMeter window to the top.

Bug fixes:

  • FreeMeter and FreeMeter Professional:
    • On the very first FreeMeter launch, the time that memory meter chevrons should start drawing was never set, so they would never start. Subsequent launches would be fine because the time was read from the registry.
    • When turning on a meter's tray icon, it would not appear until the next time the meter was updated.
    • Numerous bug fixes around tray icons.
    • Numerous small bug fixes in the Preferences dialog.
  • FreeMeter Professional:
    • If the Ping meter was set to play the alert sound when all hosts returned to the UP state, it would sometimes play that sound if no hosts were down before.
    • Fix issue with FreeMeter pausing for a short time after Preferences and Meter Property changes due do redrawing having to wait until the ping meter was done its checks.